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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


With all my projects if I want to preserve them and use them over and over again I laminate them. You can purchase a laminating machine from most office stores. You can also look online on ebay, craig's list. I have the machine that will fit a 12" document feeder, any smaller and you can't fit on some of the board games. You don't have to spend over 100.00 for a nice laminator. I got mine for $60.00 and it is worth it. I only use heat, because the project lasts longer. My machine does have a cold set but I never use it. I also use the pouches instead of the rolls, it is less messy and elimates cutting. I found a great site for Laminating Or you can visit XPEDX. There is one in Salt Lake, but if you have one call to make sure they sell laminating materials. Some stores don't carry it. Look online for laminating supplies. I use 3 mil, 12X18 pouches. They are great for file folders and last a long time. However, make sure your laminating machine takes 12 inches (width).

To Laminate:
Cut all and around everything you want laminated. If you laminate a whole sheet laminate then cut,if you cut too close to the edge your insides won't be sealed. Once you have separated all your pictures onto your laminating sheet, make sure the edges are not touching each other or overlapping. Place the sheet on the protective envelope that is provided with your sheets: DO NOT PUT POUCHES OR SHEETS IN MACHINE WITHOUT THE PROTECTIVE ENVELOPE. When you have put the materials through the machine and it comes out and you see a filmy side, turn the sheet around and put it through the other side---this means the seal didn't quite get the heat it needs to be sealed. Once your sheet has COOLED cut around the picture leaving about 1/8 inch or more AROUND THE PROJECT so it will remain sealed. Nothing worse than the project coming unsealed.
A less expensive approuch:
You can always use clear contact paper to protect your games.
You can also use clear protective sheets people use for scrapbooking for the protection of the game boards.

Card Stock Options:
I like to use white card stock for all my projects. You can get a ream at Walmart for the best price I've see. Card Stock Paper gives the game a board game feel.
Storing your games:
I like to use the large ziplock bags to place my games in and the smaller ones for the dice, buttons, markers, or smaller items, then I lable them and put them in a tub especially marked for games. Some games I can store in filing envelopes. Some of the dice can be unfolded and taped up again when you use them.

Markers and Dice:
You can purchase dice that only have numbers on them instead of dots at any toy store or game shop. I use assorted colored buttons for markers on the game board.
Any game can be changed to meet your needs, and if you have any other suggestions let me know---I'm always looking and searching for new ideas and ways to do things.

Double Left click on the picture. It will be large on your screen, then right click on the picture, copy and then paste in Word, Power Point, or Excel (that is all I have tried). If you haven't enlarged it on the blog the picture will turn out small. You can enlarge or reduce the picture to fit the page. Also Scribd site has my PDS files. "You have to give in order to recieve" This might be a pain, so I will send any file (PDF format) if you email me at I'd be happy to answer any other questions.

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